Saturday, February 5, 2011

Amber's Apology

Back in the day when the Via Running Club was running mob deep, Amber and I sat across from each other at work. She witnessed my hair falling out as I attempted to train for the Portland Marathon and plan my wedding. It was a great time, actually. Too bad I didn't realize it at that point.

Anyway, one day Amber mentioned that she had made her own soda the night before. I jumped on that like a wolf on a dead carcass. "Are you a hippy?!! You're such a hippy!?" I exclaimed with joy. And truth be told, she is a hippy. But a nice smart hippy who runs and writes really well. She, of course, thought I was nuts because really, to make your own soda, you add flavoring to sparkling water.

They way I reacted you'd thought she was using disposable menstrual rags. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT, of course. But you catch my drift.

So, here it is. I am sorry I called you a dirty hippy for making your own soda. Because, behold....

Those are alfalfa sprouts that I GREW my own damn self on my kitchen counter. And a cup of them found their way into my green smoothie (along with a pear, an apple, bee pollen, agave nectar, flax seeds and a ton of spinach). Contrary to popular belief (and when I say popular belief, I mean my own belief), sprouts are nutritious! Who knew?

And then, I made tabouli, taboulli, taboulleh, or however you spell it.

Things are weird around here, folks. Very strange.

Today's morning weigh in went great for us. Amy didn't enter the house because Oliver had the stomach flu yesterday. Michael lost 1.2 and I lost 2.1!!! I'm now 145.1. Only 35 pounds to go.

I ran three times this week and felt great. That's it from hippy central.


amber said...

Ah, I'm so proud of you my little hippie in the making. It only took five years for my influence to take hold.

stephanie said...

Growing your own sprouts?!?! Now that is a Big Hippie(TM)!

How's the foot holding up?

Anonymous said...

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